Support Design Reading List

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Want to support Design Reading List? There are a few ways you can help:

  1. Donate to DRL

    Use the button below to donate through Paypal. We’ll use the money to pay for hosting, or buy books, or buy you a drink if we ever meet face to face. We’re cool like that.

  2. Buy The Books We Review

    The image of every book we review is linked to an affiliate account. We make a small fraction of the price of each book. It’s not as good as donating, but at least you get a book or something out of the deal.

  3. Buy Us Books To Review

    Send us books to review. We’ll put together a wishlist of books we want to read, but you can feel free to send us other books. We like to read on the iPad, but we’re cool with physical books, iBooks, Kindle Books, whatever. Even better, buy us a book through our Amazon associate link and send it to us to review. Double awesome.

  4. Buy ANYTHING Through Our Amazon Link

    You were going to buy stuff on Amazon anyway. If you do it through our link, we get a little commission.


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