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Got a book that you’d like to see us review? Tell us about it. We’re happy to take suggestions and, while we’re at it, we’re happy to take donations in the form of Books or Cash/Paypal. Books ain’t free, and neither is our time.

Are you an Author or Publisher?

If you’re an author, and you’d like to have your book reviewed by DRL, just email us for details on how to get it to us. We’re happy to read it and let the world know what we thought. Here’re the rules:

  1. We will be honest.
  2. We will be fair.
  3. We will not return your book.
  4. We cannot guarantee how fast we’ll read it.

Other Media

Got a podcast, TV Show, documentary, magazine or somethin’ that you’d like us to review? Send it along. We’ll see what we can do about getting it on the docket. If you made it, we’d really like it if you’d send us a copy or a ticket or something. Same rules as above.

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