The Nike logo is perhaps the most recognized logo in the history of trademarks. Here at DRL/ohTwentyone we use it as an example of branding neuroefficiency all the time. Over on ImPrint Steven Heller takes us through a brief history and shows some internal documentation that makes my heart sing. Did you know that the swoosh is 40 years old? Check the old girl out. She barely looks a day over 19.

Estimate time to read this page: < 1 minute Ah, serendipity! This morning's Daily Heller is about a topic we were discussing just yesterday: The Nike Swoosh. Read it Steven's post here:

Unlike most blog posts about the famed Nike log (which are garbage and infrequently more than a reproduction of a WikiPedia article) this one reproduces an interesting little artifact that I’ve never seen before: an internal document prepared by Nike for its employees that details the history of the swoosh by reproducing sketches, trademark filings, and pages from the original usage guidelines.

It’s fascinating to look through. I highly recommend it. I won’t reproduce it here, because Steve deserves the traffic.